Bounty Program

Dear investors!

We announce the start of the contest for the best video about the company. To take part, you should record a short video about your experience in the Roboton project. Tell about your deposits and payments, about how many partners joined your team, why you chose this project, what investment plan is your favorite.

Necessary conditions for participation:

Video duration
30-90 seconds
Good sound and
video quality
In the foreground
is your face
In the background
a laptop / computer
with an open site

Send your videos to Mail subject: Video contest. Applications are accepted from December 23 to 29. The marketing department of the company will choose the 5 best videos by voting.

On December 30th we will award winners with bonus deposits!

All accruals received on these deposits will be available for withdrawal, including main deposit amount on the Medic plan after 11 days of work.

1st place - $100 on the Scientist tariff

2nd place - $75 on the Scientist tariff

3rd place - $50 on the Scientist tariff

4th place - $25 on the Medic tariff

5th place - $10 on the Medic tariff