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Blockchain technology has become a revolutionary discovery that attracts the attention of the entire progressive society. The Roboton project was no exception and decided to adopt technologies that change the world. The blockchain provides vast opportunities that will allow you to extract high income, incomparable with the profit from a traditional business. Having not only significant achievements in robotics, but also blockchain technology, our specialists will be able to achieve all the goals and implement new plans.

Our company has extensive experience in the manufacture of robots and a fresh look at this area of activity. Using the robotics that we created and the best traders, we plan to implement a unique system for profitable trading, independent of the situation in the cryptocurrency market. At this stage, specialists with many years of experience in trading, who have replenished the staff of our company, will train robots the principles and features of trading, strategies and personal best practices. Thanks to the ability to machine learning, robotics will be able to develop and learn how to respond correctly to news that affects cryptocurrency quotes. The staff of artificial intelligence specialists will train robots, which will allow them to work more efficiently, eliminating the human factor from the trading process.

The work of the Roboton project in the cryptocurrency market will be conducted in two directions at once. Thanks to robots, we will extract the maximum possible profit from cryptocurrency trading, and in parallel with this we will develop our own token for the Roboton project. By introducing blockchain technology into our business and developing our own coin called Robocoin, we will discover new opportunities and provide users with a safe, reliable tool for payments, investments and preserving value.

The Robocoin cryptocurrency concept will fit into the traditional values of the cryptocurrency community. The coin will be fully decentralized, its users will be ensured anonymity and transaction security. All customer information will be subject to cryptographic encryption and may not be obtained by third parties. At the same time, Robocoin will fulfill a number of important functions and will become part of the Roboton project ecosystem. In the future, we will introduce you to the features of our cryptocurrency and new blockchain solutions in White Paper, which will be open for public access

Roboton Team

Toyohiko Nohara
Min Shiraishi
Yoshohito Matsuo
Yutaka Woo
Keisuke Furukawa
Hwa Taizo
Hidetoshi Bando
Mitsuhiko Aoki
Matsuyama Jusakon

Decades ago robotics was not considered the investment instrument. And nowadays, this direction receives increasing attention of investors. Gone are the days when robots were used in the industry. Robotics industry is reached a whole new level with annual enormous investment growth. For example, total investment reached 4,3 bln. dollars in 2016. That investment was leveraged by the start-ups in the sphere of robotics.

Modern robots are the new technologies which include achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. It is therefore only natural that now there is just a revolutionary increasing of field where they are used. It can be safety said that it’s time of artificial intelligence and robototechnics around the world. And in the foreseeable future, humanity will not be able to manage without robots in all areas of their lives. Studies show that in 2016, robots accounted for 10% of work performed. According to analysts, that percentage will go up with each year, and by 2025 that number will swell to 45%.

Experts say, investment in the modern market of robotics pays dividends to the robot manufacturers, and also to depositors. We now see the enormous industry where the billions will keep rolling out and in the near future they will make trillions of dollars.

It is understandable why a growing number of companies enter the worldwide market of robotics.

The objective of robots in domestic and social spheres is to help people at home. We are seeking to create robots which can communicate and interact off-line and nearline with people. Of course, nowadays the domestic robots are a rare phenomenon in our life but they are of great interest amongst the people and commercial structures. According to the experts, every person will account for about 5-7 robots at home in the foreseeable future.

Roboton LTD is officially registered in Great Britain and works in legislative framework of this jurisdiction. The central office is located in London and Sydney.

Due to the private investment, a company can increase their own operating capital and promote their developments in the global market of robotics. We possess the own production capacity. We cooperate with the world leading developers of intelligent robots. Our aim is the active development of the robotics and the reduction of payback period of investment to ease the human work at home and in industry. The company produces not only industrial and domestic robots but it is in this sector that we put most of the operating capital. Introduction of robots in domestic, industrial, commercial, military spheres and etc. Company Roboton LTD is an active participant in the robotics market. It operates on almost all areas. We create this internet project for attracting investors for cosponsorship in activities of the company Roboton LTD.

At the same time, our company pays attention to the other promising areas of robotics. In particular, now we strengthen our activities in such industries as military robots (for example, drones), entertainment and educational robots. Soon we start the additional investment plans for these areas.

We invest your money in research and scientific developments of new technologies, the improvement of the artificial intelligence and the capacity expansion. You, as an investor, will get a fixed percentage at minimal risks and could touch the future tech. We want to invite you to the exciting world of robots. Our company represents “the future in the present” for you, so you could start to invest in the promising and actively developing sector.