Publication DateJan 22, 2020 18:32

2 months of work

Dear investors! Today we celebrate, maybe small yet, but pleasant result of our activity - 2 months of stable work of our company's online investments!
Publication DateJan 20, 2020 17:10

Removing the investment limit

After announcing the end of beta testing, we received an impressive number of requests to remove the investment limit. The finance department, in an extraordinary order, was engaged in the analysis of the company's working capital and the valuation of all assets.
Publication DateJan 16, 2020 12:57

Completion of Beta Testing!

Dear investors of Roboton LTD,The holidays are over and we are very pleased that we can successfully move to a new phase of the project development. We are entering the coming year 2020 with a large number of investors and partners, who trust us, a huge number of plans to expand the company and an endless stream of proposals for cooperation.
Publication DateJan 14, 2020 21:01

Roboton Coin Whitepaper

Dear investors!
We are developing and mastering new areas of markets. Cryptocurrency in the modern world goes side by side with technology, automation and robotics.
Publication DateJan 12, 2020 14:26

Change of limit

Our finance department carries out asset valuation and traffic analysis every reporting period. Based on the results, the company management decides to change the total investment limit for one account or to keep it.
Publication DateJan 11, 2020 18:11

Dear investors!

Our company continues to gain popularity in different countries, so we are pleased to announce the addition of two more languages to the site: Philippine and Thai.
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