Our telegram bot will allow you to manage your Roboton account using the most popular and convenient messenger. In addition to access to your personal account, the bot is endowed with the function of sending operational notifications about changes in statuses and limits, charges and withdrawals. Also you can always find out information about your partners, get a referral link and check the saved payment details.

Scroll down the page for instructions on making a deposit via the Roboton telegram bot.

Bot launch

Launch the bot in your telegram messenger. Write the received number in the settings of your Roboton account in the Telegram id field. Choose a control language

The choice of payment system

To create a deposit, click the Invest button and select a payment system from the options presented.

Choice a plan

Choose a tariff plan and deposit amount, taking into account the available limit indicated in brackets.


Click on the button in the payment system and make a transaction. If you have invested cryptocurrency, then the deposit will be displayed in your account after the required number of network confirmations.